Utah Modernism

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At EDA, we believe architecture is the most powerful design form in transforming lives and communities.

Salt Lake City Main Library

George "Jud" Daniels (left) and Ralph Edwards (right)

Over 70 years ago, our founders introduced a design approach that combined the principles of rational analysis, functional design and environmental efficiency with a deep understanding of the unique geography, climate and history of the Intermountain West.

"In terms of style...whatever we [do] should represent the community and the environment and the place that it [is]."

- Jud Daniels, EDA Founder

This ethos – what we call Utah Modernsim – drives a design process rooted in desert heat and alpine snow, granite and sandstone, sage and scrub oak – the mountains, valleys and deserts we call home.

There is an art to creating a sense of place. Beyond meeting the functional requirements of a particular project, our design solutions result in spaces that harmonize with the community and environment.

This approach demands we never stop seeking better, innovative solutions to creative challenges.

“Our founders set out to demonstrate that modernism could stand up to the mountains.”

- Robert Herman, EDA Principal

Our consideration of environmental context naturally leads our projects to embody the principles of sustainable design.

We place value on the use of natural light, local materials and systems designed for the regional climate.

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At EDA, we envision an Intermountain West where the built environment matches the beauty of its natural setting. Applying the principles of Utah Modernism, we are shaping a future that answers the challenges of environment, transportation and community connection.