West Valley Fire Station #76
West Valley City
West Valley City
5,528 SF

Station #76 is a new fire station facility added at the outer southeast quadrant of the city and is intended to provide firefighting coverage to the growing/developing population base in the area. The lot is currently undeveloped and in a manufacturing zone near the Usana Amphitheater. The station will accommodate one battalion and consist of two apparatus bays, turn-out gear storage, workshop/storage room, decontamination/laundry room, firefighter quarters including day room, kitchen, dining, private bedrooms (5), exercise/fitness room, reports office, emergency medical supply storage, and mechanical/electrical rooms as needed. The facility is to be fire sprinkled and have emergency power generation, to be designed as an essential facility in accordance with the International Building Code (IBC).  Similar to fire stations #71 and #72, the building is to be constructed of CMU walls and will have metal panel accents. The project also includes modifications to site civil improvements, grading, utilities, and landscaping.