UVU Main and Athletic Campus Master Plan
Vineyard and Orem, Utah
Utah Valley University (UVU)
200+ Acres

This 50-year horizon master planning effort was spurred by projected enrollment and local population growth. These projections led to the acquisition of land in Vineyard, Utah. This study investigates institutional expansion in Vineyard and plans to increase density on the Orem campus.

UVU acquired over 200 acres of land in Vineyard, Utah, effectively doubling its footprint in Utah Valley. The acquisition of land in Vineyard presents many opportunities for growth and some challenges. The opportunities may be evident: expansion of growing colleges and student programs, more integration with the local community, room for new college programs, space to enlarge student life activities – sports stadium, land for public/private partnerships to enhance learning, and the list goes on. Through a year-long discovery process, EDA found that the main challenge is one of connectivity; physically and ideologically. A secondary challenge is maintaining the academic integrity of the Orem campus. And lastly, but equally important, is growing in size while fostering a sense of community with neighbors of the university.