Doxey Elementary School
Sunset, Utah
75,393 SF

Doxey Elementary is comprised of a complex courtyard infill, which a media center and multi-purpose addition were created along with a major upgrade to the kitchen and serving areas. The courtyard is designed to be an active commons area and integrative educational space. We collaborated with the district architect to create a dynamic play and multi-purpose space, using raised concrete and seating areas to create a flexible outdoor room through the courtyard. The weaving of a story into the heart of the architecture was implemented here as the design echoes the early pioneer and agrarian heritage of the area. This pays homage to the previous mulberry tree and silk worm farms that were here prior to the elementary school’s existence. EDA replaced the school’s windows and designed them to relate to the existing glazing, frames, and structural framework rhythm while enhancing the overall design, upgrading the energy efficiency, and increasing daylighting.

The design team created an active habitable space for dynamic elements throughout the building, a kinesthetic field for play in the kindergarten area. This innovative space is the result of a collaborative team effort in coordination with the district architect’s input. The kitchen and serving areas were renovated and constructed during the summer months to minimize disruption to the operations of the school. A colorful, energy efficient space was achieved through a collaborative design approach.

The school was built near a mulberry tree farm, so the team created homages to the mulberry tree throughout the library. There is a tree sculpture that acts as reading area and poems about mulberry trees throughout the reading area to engage young minds.

Two groupings of large corner windows, media center, and multi-purpose areas are incorporated to connect the exterior landscaping and courtyard to the interior, connecting the interior/exterior and allowing natural light through the addition.