Daybreak East Lake Swimming Pool
Daybreak, Utah

The project is located adjacent to the neighborhood park and tennis courts, designed to be a neighborhood community pool and restroom building model for the Daybreak Development.

The Owner’s representatives wanted aesthetically pleasing buildings that implemented durable materials with a rustic appeal.

Exposed concrete, wood, and steel were used on the exterior of the building to achieve this purpose.

Because the pool facility would only be used in the warmer months the exterior concrete walls are also able to serve as the interior walls. Thus providing a very durable and cost-effective structure.

Abuse-resistant fixtures were used in the restrooms to withstand the anticipated high volume of usage.

High linear windows were designed into the restrooms to allow natural light to enter the space and save electricity during daylight hours. The opaque glass was used to preserve privacy. Last, an office was integrated into the restroom building for onsite staff.